About Me

My name is Carol Ann Cook and I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York between Saratoga Springs and Lake George named Lake Luzerne. My town is surrounded by picturesque views of mountains, lakes, and rivers. As a child I found the outdoors to be the best of the lot as I would find myself almost always near trees and the natural waters. I experienced natural meditations and journeys as a young child with no understanding within the constraints of dogma and strict religion practices. 

Starting college as an adult after suffering a great loss I was swept up and into the Goddess, and the Goddess in me. I earned a Bachelor degree through Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York in Women Studies and Community in 2004. My drum experience began with a beautiful Lakota woman who in the drum making process took me on a series of transformations. With her gentle guidance I birthed my first drum and began birthing my own shortly after as it had enriched my life bringing about change. Each time I strung a drum the natural energies of the earth, the universe, and the flame we all hold inside became one and healing occurred. 

Through the years I have grown in immeasurable ways bringing a peace within and without using my heart as a guide. At fifty-eight I am skilled in herbalism, writing, drum making, a naturalist by heart and am the proud mother of three, grandmother of four, and loving wife.  Recently I have become a Beacon for the Net of Light and have learned that dreams are a genuine part of our creative lives. A child of this Earth, like each and every one of you, I am here to pass along my love for life, drum medicine, community, and the ancient healing art of simple love. Even the Grandmothers smile down on us today, because we are coming together as Sisters, Brothers, in love and in light. 

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